Does The Bible Support Racial Diversity Or Segregation?

In light of so many riots occurring, I wanted to offer what I believe to be a solution to the racial tensions that continue to ignite throughout this nation. What I offer will be controversial, not on the merits of its wisdom, but on the false perception of diversity that has been sold throughout this nation and even churches.

One theme that has continued to come across not only politically but also theologically is that racial diversity is a good thing and should be promoted. While we have seen a rise in interracial marriages we are also seeing a rise in divorce. Marriage, which is the family unit, is the basis for any society and community. The notion that one should not even look at one’s cultural or ethnic background for consideration in marriage has led to what is now being seen on the streets when the racial tensions rise. There cannot now be made the case that racial diversity, which has started from the very family, has led to less violence but rather has led to more.

Why is this? Shouldn’t the idea of mixing races together be a very good and peaceful idea? Well, it simply has not been. I do not believe that amalgamation has solved any sorts of problems and has rather exacerbated them.

In Acts 17:26 this is what Paul says:

“And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation….”

In the Greek here, for nations, we have the word “ethnos” where we get our word for “ethnic.” Strong's definition of the word says: race (as of the same habitat), i.e. tribe. The Greek word for "bounds" is "horothesia"and literally means boarders. Also, the Greek word for "determined" is "katoikeo" and is in the present active tense meaning to "house permanently." Here we see that God has determined that segregation be maintained and to be maintained nationally and “ethnically.” Even in Revelation 21:4, 22:2 we see that these national distinctions are maintained and not eliminated.

We should remember that from the Tower of Babel, mankind had originally come together to make a “name for themselves.” I cannot help but see this in America where it is the largest melting pot that exists today. Who are we to presumme upon reversing the judgments of God and hope for blessing? What this nation is essentially doing is defying the very order of God for societies by and through mass amalgamation and miscegenation that has brought this nation to its knees.

Is there no wisdom to be found in Acts 17:26 for an orderly society? Why have so many of us been convinced that “mixing” is the best solution for this nation? Have we no regard for God’s design and plan for a society? What exactly can one point to as occurring from this that has caused wide sweeping benefits for this nation?

R.J. Rushdoony says brilliantly here:

The white man has behind him centuries of Christian culture, and the discipline and selective breeding this faith requires. Although the white man may reject this faith and subject himself instead to the requirements of humanism, he is still a product of this Christian past. The Negro is a product of a radically different past, and his heredity is governed by radically different consideration. - R. J. Rushdoony, The Biblical Philosophy of History, pp. 88-89

The history and cultural ethnic pasts are something to be accounted for, not dismissed under the false mantle of “diversity.” Diversity is precisely the opposite of God’s design from Acts 17:26 and this nation is reaping the consequences of that.

One may ask for a specific Bible example regarding separation based upon ethnicity and immaturity. Rushdoony makes an excellent point in citing Acts 15, which was dealing with this very issue here:

Thus it would appear from the evidence of the law that, first, a restrictive membership or citizenship was a part of the practice of Israel by law. There is evidence of a like standard in the NT church: instead of being forced into a rigid uniformity, Gentiles and Jews were free to establish their separate congregations and maintain their distinctive character. Moreover, Acts 15, the Council of Jerusalem, makes clear that the differences in cultural heritage and stages of moral and spiritual growth made possible major conflicts in case of uniform membership. As a result, separate congregations were authorized. On the other hand, Jews were not barred from Gentile congregations, so that, while restrictive groups were valid, integrated groups were not invalid. - R. J. Rushdoony, Institutes of Biblical Law, pp. 99-100

We can see from Acts 15 that levels of immaturity were accounted for and separation was the key in the successes of both parties involved. We no more place a junior varsity player on a varsity team in hopes that they will “add” their talents successfully than we place children in places of authority over parents. We seem to acknowledge these things in every sphere of practical life accept for the one that ultimately matters for a society, which is the family.

Even today we can see a natural instinct to segregate in Churches, neighborhoods, and even within the very confines of prisons. These instinctual “preferences” must be evaluated in light of God’s Word for their morality. I believe we can see that these actions are in keeping with Scripture and are not in violation of it.

My proposal is to self-segregate as much as possible. That means, and most importantly, starting with the family unit. We should not begin amalgamating from the very building block of society. Likewise, I believe that Churches as well as communities should be segregating as much as humanly possible. This is not as difficult as it may appear because there are many neighborhoods and churches that exist like this today.

While these goals will take time to yield results on a level that many would like to see immediately, one thing I am certain of is that it will avoid a world of turmoil instantly and that is something to be thankful for.

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