Repent! For The Kingdom Of Sodom Is At Hand

Recently, there was an LGBT parade right outside a local business I frequent. One thing that I noticed was that not only was it swarmed with Millennials, but the persistent theme of this parade and many others was marked by a simple word "change." However, the change they want is for people to repent of biblical morality and embrace the perversion of sodomy. Many of those attending were kids and they had painted on their bodies or were carrying posters that read "change." I began to think about this in a way that many have not. What do you and I think of when we think of the Gospel? I think of "repent." Repent in the Greek is metanoeĆ³, and means "to change your mind," especially in respect to God and His Law regarding sin. The interesting thing here is that these sodomites and their supporters are in a backwards, sinister way "preaching" their gospel in this message. They are basically telling the Christians to "change" their minds regarding this wicked sin. What else do you think "change" would mean in these parades? Change what exactly? We know what they are wanting to change. They want the definition of marriage to change, but more importantly they want the perceptions of Christians, that view it as sin, to change. So, essentially, what we have going on now on our public streets are the sodomites telling the world to "change" their thinking on this because the Kingdom of Sodom is at hand!

One of the most troubling things to me was after viewing a recent poll regarding generations in favor of redefining marriage to include sodomites that the most significant movement was among Millennials. The most obvious correlation for this is the public school system's indoctrination of wickedness. The Scripture paints an eerie parallel for our day in Isaiah 3:5, 9:

And the people will oppress one another, every one his fellow and every one his neighbor; the youth will be insolent to the elder, and the despised to the honorable. For the look on their faces bears witness against them; they proclaim their sin like Sodom; they do not hide it. Woe to them! For they have brought evil on themselves.

It is interesting to note that the word "proclaim" in verse nine is translated from the Hebrew word "nagad" in the NIV as "parades." There is no question that the sodomites have become militant in their wicked movement. Recently, we have seen the queer mayor of Houston not only seek to institute wicked policies, but we've also seen the sodomites swing their fists at Christians and their Pastors when they get into power. There was also a report out challenging a minister in Idaho to either marry sodomites or face up to 180 days in jail and a daily $1,000 fine for not marrying sodomites.

When are we going to realize that this is war? What would have avoided this in the first place was to enact the death penalty for those that physically practiced this abomination. There can be no doubt that the trend now is not only to bully and wreak havoc among Christians, but to lock up Pastors and anyone else that stands for the truth until God's Law is eradicated from their mist. This is nothing less than a war and Christians need to be standing up everywhere in this nation contending earnestly for the faith! We should be getting just as passionate in our message of "change" and call upon this nation to repent and to follow God's Law on this matter.

What is most troubling to me is that some of the most politically active "Christians" are the liberal progressives. This should not be. True, orthodox Christians need to stand upon the rock, Jesus Christ, and not be ashamed of the Gospel and welcome any persecution for standing for the truth. Are we not to consider it pure joy (Matt. 5:11-12)?

We all know what recently happened regarding the Supreme Court kicking the issue of State bans regarding marriage and then the fallout from this having the appeals court's decisions standing that strikes down state bans. Fortunately, there have been reports from my home state of North Carolina where a few of the civil magistrates refused to issue marriage certificates to the Sodomites. I certainly commend these men for standing up for the truth on these matters (Acts 5:29). We need to encourage others to follow suit. I believe we should be encouraging and standing by our local magistrates to follow the law, God's Law! Yes, this may mean we lose our jobs or get feces thrown at us, or even be jailed. I say, bring it on! There is no neutral position on this. Jesus said you are either with me or against me. May we, with Paul, echo his words as we go forward in standing for the truth, "I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith."

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