Biblical Law And Immigration

What does the Bible have to say about immigration? I wish that more Christians would endeavor to search out this issue by going to the perfect Law of God rather than standing upon man-made documents and sentiments.

Paul Ryan, the new speaker of the house, has recently said that there will be no "religious test" for refugees but only a "security test." Is that moral? Is that righteous? How does one separate religion from a security threat? Should Christians be first in line to come here? Well, as a matter of fact, we have a history of doing just that regarding refugees.

Should Christians Support Businesses That Deny Christ?

The issue regarding Starbucks and their public refusal to have "Merry Christmas" placed upon their coffee cups has caused some controversy regarding what Christians should or should not be doing in respect to boycotting this business.

Regardless of what your position is on whether or not Christmas is a pagan holiday, I think we all can agree that Starbucks was NOT removing "Merry Christmas" from their cups because they saw it as a pagan holiday and is not the point of this article. Rather, this article is dealing with the general position of a business that openly denies Christ and the larger points and principles of businesses and the Christian response from a Biblical perspective.

Many Christians see the notion of boycotting as a shallow, divisive, and non-Christian response. It is maintained that, as Christians, we should endeavor to be loving, forgiving, kind, and should eagerly see these issues as opportunities to share the Gospel with others. While I do not deny that sentiment, I do not see how that translates over to "supporting" these openly defiant businesses that have publicly denied Christ.