R.C. Sproul Memorial Service

R.C. Sproul has recently passed away. He was an influential figure in my walk with Christ and and in knowing, loving and studying God's Word. I have uploaded the full memorial service here and I encourage everyone to watch as it includes many folks, including John MacArthur (which is remarkably the best), that speak about his life and how it impacted their own lives for the glory of Christ.

Let us stand together in prayer for the Sproul family during this time of mourning while also celebrating the grace of God in giving us and employing Dr. Sproul's life for the glory of God.

The Biblical Flat Earth: Philip Stallings Vs Kent Hovind

In this post I wish to share my experience in debating Dr. Kent Hovind regarding the flat earth issue from the standpoint of Scripture. Here I challenge Dr. Hovind regarding a number of verses of Scriptures but fundamentally challenge him on the issue of the firmament.

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Let me know your thoughts regarding this exchange. Did Dr. Hovind prove his point? Did I make any Biblical points?