January 2, 2023

Debating the Flat Earth Conspiracy

It might be shocking to know that some individuals still believe the earth is flat. In short, some of them still think that the flat earth conspiracy is true. This flat earth conspiracy theory came out a long time ago, and it was done by the Greek philosophers at first. Many texts and sculptures that can still be seen in Egyptian architecture tell us about the ancient theories related to the flat earth conspiracy. But this is not true because, at that time, technology and human resources weren’t as advanced as they are now.

Recently, a US Rapper started raising funds to send a satellite to space and prove the flat earth conspiracy is true. People say that all the things that the rapper had done were truly a publicity stunt, and he didn’t even try to get near the goal he wanted to achieve. Even to date, there are some conference sessions held in the United States of America regarding the flat earth conspiracy theories. The last time it took place was attended by more than 500 people. Along with that, thousands of videos related to the flat earth conspiracy theories are available on YouTube.

There are a few people who still believe that the earth is flat. Earlier, there were many, but technological advancements have helped individuals to know that the earth is circular. The scientists have also given us many points that debate the flat earth conspiracy theories. The points which debate the flat earth conspiracy theories are as follows-

Lunar Eclipse

The first thing which truly helps us to debate the Flat earth conspiracy theories is the Lunar Eclipse. This is one such occasion that takes place once in a few years, making it rarely happen. It should be known that a Lunar Eclipse only occurs when Earth is exactly between the Sun and the Moon. During this time, the earth can cover up the moon, and it darkens the same. If you have ever watched a lunar Eclipse, you must have noticed that the earth covers the moon spherically. Due to this reason, the lunar Eclipse is a strong point that says that the earth is not flat. The flat earthers even tried to bring some arguments against the Lunar Eclipse by using their creativity, but this wasn’t enough to ensure the earth is flat.

Using a Telescope to watch the other planets

Another best way in which the flat earth conspiracy theories can be proven wrong is by using a telescope. Telescopes have been used for a long period and are great instruments that help individuals to look into space. Just a few planets can be seen from the earth during the night. These planets are Venus and Mars, which are often called night visitors to the earth. If we observe these planets during the nighttime with the help of a telescope, it can be noticed that they are a perfect sphere. The flat earthers even said that they are disc-shaped, but this can’t happen all the time as they would be facing the earth the same way as they did earlier. So, the use of telescopes has also helped individuals to put forward a great debate against the flat earthers.

Watching the Sunset

The above two ways are quite tough as one of them takes a long time to arrive and the other is expensive. But there is yet another way in which the flat earth conspiracy theories can be debated, and that is by watching the sunsets. If you live near the hills, it would be easier to demonstrate. The sun’s rays will disappear as the sun goes beyond the mountains, but it can be seen that there is a ray of sunlight still coming from above the mountains. As the sunset goes further, these light rays will go upwards and disappear momentarily. It is just like a ship that is set to sail off to the ocean. The ship can be seen until it has sailed off, but after it has covered a good amount of distance, the ship cannot be spotted.

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