February 19, 2023

The Flat Earth Conspiracy: A Brief History of its Origins and Development

The flat earth conspiracy is one such thing that scientists have been arguing for a long time. This argument has not arisen recently; people have been arguing about it since the 6th century. This means it has been over 1000 years, and the flat earth conspiracy still persists. For those individuals who do not know about the Flat Earth conspiracy, it should be known that this conspiracy is just about the earth being in the shape of a disk. Before the spherical idea of the Earth came, people used to believe that the earth was flat.

Plato, one of the most popular philosophers of all time, took the concept of Flat earth for the first time before the 6th century. He gave his opinions regarding the flat earth conspiracy in 200-300 BCE. He was also accompanied by Aristotle, another famous Greek philosopher. The history of the flat earth conspiracy has evolved a lot, and it is necessary for individuals to know how the conspiracy theories were formed and evolved throughout history. If you have landed on this page, you will learn about the entire history of the Flat Earth conspiracy.

Western Asia

The Egyptians were among the first communities who started making theories related to the flat earth conspiracy. They revealed their thoughts in which the world can be seen as a plane floating in space. This was later also accompanied by the Homeric account, which released a model reporting that the earth is not circular in shape; it is flat. This model came out during the 8th century, due to which the flat earth conspiracy theories became even more popular than they were before.

The ancient Egyptians even made some texts on the Coffins and Pyramids which can be found to date, and these texts determine how the flat earth conspiracy can be true. The Israel community was also in support of the flat earth conspiracy theories as they believed that the earth is just a plane floating on the water. Their theory also said that there is a sky that has separated the earth and heaven.

Contribution of Greeks

The Greeks have also been active contributors to the flat earth conspiracy theories. The Greek philosophers had been working together for a long time to argue towards the flat earth conspiracy. In the Shield of Achilles, it can be seen that the Greek philosophers have talked about the Flat Earth conspiracy. The theory said that there is an ocean circling the continents of Asia, Europe, and Libya.

Thales was another popular Greek philosopher who believed that the earth was flat. Earlier, Thales used to believe that the earth is just like a piece of log floating in the water. But later on, many arguments came regarding the same as Thales started to believe that the earth is circular.

Modern Era

After the Greek philosophers revealed their theories, the later inventions revealed that the earth is definitely not flat. But the flat earth conspiracy theories started returning during the 19th century. During this time, a scientist revealed his studies using pseudoscience to ensure that there were valid proofs. These theories came out to bring back the conspiracy of the flat earth back to the beliefs of the people.

This was followed by another research paper given by Lady Elizabeth Blount. Her theories were even given in journals, due to which people started to believe yet again that the flat earth conspiracy theories are true. This happened continuously due to which the people started believing it yet again. However, most of them had already kept in mind that the earth is circular. And yet there were a few of them who still believed in the flat earth conspiracy. A professor named Samuel established a society that mainly focused on proving that the flat earth conspiracy theories were true.

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